TCS INTERNATIONAL CERTIFICATION HİZ.SAN. TRADE. LTD. STI. and PIDOSAN PLASTİK DOĞRAMA VE INS. SINGING. Inc. Within the scope of the incentives of the Vocational Qualifications Authority, a Producer Firm Protocol was signed.

T.C. In the national qualification of PVC Joinery Installer, which is among the Dangerous and Very Dangerous Occupations, included in the law and communiqués numbered 5444 published by the Ministry of Family, Labor and Social Services, it is obligatory to obtain VQA Vocational Qualification Certificate. Exam and document expenses of those who are successful in the exams within the scope of the law will be covered by the UNEMPLOYMENT INSURANCE FUND.

In case of employment of persons who do not have a Vocational Qualification Certificate, the employer or employer's representatives are notified by the Provincial Directorate of Labor and Employment Institution; Administrative fine will be applied and undocumented persons will not be able to employ them.

PIDOSAN PLASTIC DOĞRAMA VE INS. SINGING. Inc. With the certification activities that will have national and international validity, the applications to be made in the national qualification of PVC Joinery Installer are carried out by expert craftsmen, accordingly, the quality of PVC windows in our country and the associated energy savings, the protection of the brand value, the minimization of customer complaints and costs due to assembly errors, and the competitiveness of power. aims to increase. For this reason, PIDOSAN PLASTİK DOĞRAMA VE INS. SINGING. Inc. It supports the masters working in the national qualification of PVC Joinery Installer to obtain VQA Vocational Qualification Certificate. In addition to this profession, there are other construction areas such as THERMAL INSULATION, Gypsum Plaster APPLIER, PLASTER, CONSTRUCTION WORKER, CERAMIC TILE COATER, CONCRETE MAN, MASTER, Gypsum Board APPLICANT, CONSTRUCTION DYEER, CONSTRUCTION WORKER, CONCRETE MAN, BATONARME, KALİÇI, CONSTRUCTION. ELEMENT, TUNNEL We also contribute to the certification of our masters working in the MOLD MAKER professions.

Social Responsibility Project, PİDOSAN PLASTİK DOĞRAMA VE İNŞ. SINGING. A.Ş., TCS ULUSLARARASI BELGELENDİRME HİZ.SAN, which is accredited by TÜRKAK and authorized by MYK. TRADE. LTD. STI. has signed a protocol with the Manufacturer Company for the Vocational Qualification Certificate exams. VQA Certificate exams TCS ULUSLARARASI BELGELENDİRME HİZ.SAN. TRADE. LTD. STI. will be made by Masters who are successful in the exams will be entitled to receive the Professional Competence Certificate of the branch they have participated in.

Our masters who want a Vocational Qualification Certificate have the right to 3 exams. Our masters who fail the first exam are entitled to 2 more free exams. Vocational Qualification Certificates are produced in a special printing center in a way that cannot be imitated and in two languages, and a Vocational Competency Identity Card is given with it.

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People who want to have the VQA Vocational Qualification Certificate and to be one step ahead among their colleagues should send their requests to the following contact addresses