Easy to Use, Aesthetic Design
Thanks to its excellent design and aesthetics, it easily adapts to the style of your spaces. The system has been thought out for harmony down to the smallest detail.
General Features

Silence and Peace

The Azalea System includes 2-chamber wicks that offer better acoustic insulation than hand-placed wicks. In addition, the existing insulation properties of PVC and the multi-compartment structure of the Pirus PVC Window and Door System turn even areas requiring maximum sound insulation for places with heavy traffic and very high noise into a perfect living space.

Natural Ventilation

Even well-insulated homes require special precautions to ensure adequate ventilation. Azalea Window and Door system; It is also fully compatible with a natural ventilation system that reduces the risks of odor, allergies, CO2 poisoning, condensation and mold growth.

Additional Security

Azalea PVC Window and Door System is safe against theft. Additionally, the system is compatible with all security types.

Environmentally Friendly Product

Azalea PVC Window and Door System has the features of long life, low maintenance requirement and 100% recyclability and reprocessability at the end of its life.

Technicial Specifications
Profile Width Case 70 mm - Wing 50mm
Number of Chambers 3
Opening Options Fixed Section Sliding Application
Number of Gaskets 2
Gasket TPE Gray
Slat Single Tab - PCE Gasket
Glass Thicknesses 24 and 4-6 mm Single Glass
Standard EN 12608-1
Thermal Conductivity Coefficient Uf: 1.4 W/m²K