Lead-based raw materials, which give great harm to the human during the production stages and to the nature during recycling, with the latest technology that gives importance to the ecological future, are not used in İnterpen products.

Interpen stands out with its ecology awareness, which is one of the important topics in its vision. İnterpen aims to contribute to a better quality life in a greener world with its customers thanks to its profiles' maximum lifetime, 100% recycling, thermal insulation and energy saving features.

Calcium-zinc raw materials that do not harm the nature are used instead of lead-based raw materials. Besides being environmentally friendly, this new stabilizer mixture made of calcium and zinc is to improve the quality of the window at every stage.

Interpen Profiles Features Produced Of Calcium – Zinc Raw

  • Resistance to bad weather; Laboratory tests have shown that PVC profiles made of calcium-zinc stabilizers are more resistant to bad weather than others. It remained durable even in the harshest experiments.
  • Brighter; PVC profiles made of calcium zinc stabilizers always have a brighter appearance. The quality of these profiles, which preserves their brightness technically and optically for a long time, can also be noticed at first glance.
  • Recycling is easier; No lead in the future! The use of Calcium-Zinc stabilizers instead of lead greatly facilitates recycling.