For Those Who Want a Wider, More Spacious View
More spacious and modern spaces with aesthetic design, quality workmanship
General Features

Let your perspective deepen

It is a window profile system that adds outdoor spaces to your home without compromising on insulation and provides the visuality as much as possible in the comfort of your home. By providing a wide viewing angle, you can connect your doors opening to your terraces, balconies and gardens with the outside world without interrupting your view, and you can open and close them with a single move without any difficulty, adding value to your spaces.

Easy to Use

Thanks to the specially designed carrier carriage, it operates extremely quietly and easily and the wing can be fixed at any desired point. By adding an automation system, Hebeschiebe can be transformed into a fully automatic remote controlled and obstacle recognition sliding system.


In the design of the Interpen Hebeschiebe PVC Sliding System, the concept of insulation was prioritized in both profiles and details. Wings have 5 chambers. Joinery can be made in wide openings by using support sheet with high moment of inertia value in the wings. It is possible to use both aluminum casing and PVC casing as the bottom casing. By using special gaskets in the system, it is aimed to provide perfect insulation to the system. The system can also apply glass of different thicknesses.

Offers Solutions for Every Taste!

With İnterpen Hebeschiebe PVC Sliding Systems, solutions suitable for every taste are offered by taking advantage of İnterpen's rich experience in color.

Technicial Specifications
Profile Width Case 185 mm - Wing 80mm
Number of Chambers 9 (chassis), 6 (wing)
Gasket TPE Gray
Slat Single Tab - PCE Gasket
Glass Thicknesses 20, 24, 30, 36, 44 mm and 4-6 mm Single Glass
Standard EN 12608-1
Thermal Conductivity Coefficient Uf: 1.1 W/m²K